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About us

At the time when there is lack of faith in public safety measure, human conflicts and fear of crime and global terrorism, when we daily meet the activities of criminal networks such as illegal trade of weapons, drugs or even human being, a growing number of private security and military companies are trying to fulfill the demands of safety all around the World.

Every single day there appear newer and newer companies, many times providing unskilled personnel and unprofessional services. At this enormous growth of quantity there is still a place for companies offering high level quality services in the field of security. Hibou Group International, LLC, was founded to meet your demands of protecting assets, human resources and know-how (not only) in the high-risk areas.

The fact we are newcomers to the market as a company is compensated by our professionally trained, highly experienced associates operating in the areas of Africa, Middle East, former Yugoslavia and in the high-risk area of the Gulf of Aden.
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